4 Wine Bottle DIY Craft Ideas!

Wine Bottle Crafts - Jute Wrap

Check out these four wine bottle crafts for the creative and crafty wine-lover.

Instead of throwing out your empty wine bottles, turn them into trendy decor accessories. Save those attractive corks and labels as well. What crafter doesn’t love free supplies?

Wine Bottle Lantern with Cork Base

Wine Bottle Crafts Centerpiece

Wine and Cork has lots of wine bottle crafts to inspire.

Here’s a very versatile idea by Stéphanie to turn wine bottles into wine bottle lanterns with cork base centerpieces. Adjust the number of bottles and their arrangement to suit your dining table or side board.

Stéphanie shares how to cut wine bottles using a dedicated bottle cutting tool, which assures a level cut every time. If you don’t want to buy a $40 or $50 tool just to cut bottles, there are other ways. But before you go, be sure to read Stéphanie’s glass cutting tips.

Handyman extraordinaire Bob Vila shares a step-by-step guide on how to cut a bottle on the cheap.

Kristina demonstrates using a glass drill bit she had on hand, water and a candle flame. I would pass on the drill bit idea and splurge a big four bucks for a diamond tip glass cutter, which is more ergonomic.

Wine Bottle Crafts: “It’s a Wrap” & “Chalk It Up” Vases

Rent.com’s blog illustrates two quick and easy ways to transform empty wine bottles into charming floral vases.

1. Wrap Bottles in Yarn or Twine

All you need are an empty bottle, twine or colored yarn and fabric or craft glue. See photo at top and the photos on Rent.com for ideas to embellish and arrange the wrapped bottles.

2. “Chalk It Up” Vases

Chalkboard Paint Wine Bottles Decor

I love this one. Paint a bottle with chalkboard paint and then chalk a message or doodles on it. Here’s our recipe for chalkboard paint.

Add live, artificial or dried flowers to complete your decor piece. Display it in your home or give it as a gift. Click for directions.

Wine Label Coasters

Usually when we think of wine bottle crafts, the first thing to go is the wine label.

Soaking labels off frequently damages them. To preserve labels from memorable bottles of wine or use them in wine bottle crafts, Vine Pair suggests using dry heat to remove labels intact.

Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Place bottle in oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Carefully remove hot bottle from oven. As soon as you feel comfortable handling the hot bottle, hold it with an oven mitt or pot holder.

Use a paring knife to peel a corner up. You should find that the glue has been softened by the heat. Slowly peel the label away from the bottle. If you remove the label immediately, only a trace of glue stays on the bottle.

Lay the sticky labels you want to save on a piece of plain copy paper. They can be pressed flat under weights and then filed or used in craft projects. Remove any glue residue from bottle with a citrus oil degreaser like Goo Gone.

If the glue did not turn soft, the bottle either needs to be hotter or this method won’t work on the particular label/glue. Wikihow suggests a 475 degree Fahrenheit oven. That gives a lot of wiggle room (from 300 degrees to 475) in which to experiment.

Vine Pair shares photos of some neat wine label collage coasters. I recommend decoupage media to glue the labels on and seal them instead of a glue  gun. See this decoupage coasters project.

Wine Cork Mini-Planters

Wine Bottle Crafts: Mini Cork Planter

Upcycle That shows how to make darling little planters out of wine corks — believe it or not!

All you need are:

  • Wine corks,
  • Potting soil,
  • Tiny cuttings from your succulents
  • Phillips head screwdriver and
  • Paring knife.

Stick magnets onto the mini-planters to hang them on your fridge. Or glue a bunch of cork planters together in a row to set on your kitchen window sill or office desk. Spritz with water once a week. The whimsical earthy vibe creates a subtle chic look for any type of space.

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