How to Label Absolutely Everything in Your Home

If your happy place is walking around with a P-Touch label maker, assigning a tag to every notebook, binder and bin around the house, here’s how to bring your organization game up to speed in 2017. From printed fabric tags to Cricut vinyl canister labels, these modern DIY labels put a name to every last place in your home.

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

Over the years, we’ve spotted dozens of ideas for labeling food canisters, but this paint pen method from A Beautiful Mess has got to be one of the easiest—and prettiest—ways we’ve ever seen.

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You may not notice it on a daily basis, but the labels all over your shelves and counters could be contributing to visual clutter around your home. It’s time to get rid of labels…

(Image credit: Delia Creates)

Classy hand-stamped leather labels will prevent your roommates from swiping scarves and blankets they “thought were theirs.” To attach the adorable tags, Delia Creates hand-stitched each one in place.

(Image credit: Lia Griffith)

If you already own a Cricut Explore machine (or if you’re just looking to add to the list of reasons why you need one), print Lia Griffith‘s stylish olive oil and balsamic labels onto vinyl transfer sheets.

(Image credit: The Creativity Exchange)

Don’t worry, no hand-lettering skills are needed to make the DIY labels above—all you need is a printer. Visit The Creativity Exchange for a loopy font, or the cute font above, to make customized labels for every bin and bottle in your house.

(Image credit: Rustic and Woven)

If you’re looking for a project with subtle French farmhouse flair, try Rustic & Woven‘s tutorial for chalk-painted, rubber-stamped herb pots. Give a couple of these planted pots as a hostess gift to cheer up your friend’s kitchen windowsill.

(Image credit: Angelique Ink)

A custom return address stamp is one of those purchases that makes you feel like you’re finally an adult. It’s a symbol that you have your own home and have been settled in it long enough to warrant investing in a handmade stamp—plus, it makes everything you snail mail look much more sophisticated. Boost it even more with some calligraphy when you order a stamp from Angelique Ink.

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